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YS Connect is a Telecoms infrastructure management company  based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are accredited by OPENSERVE and Telkom SA.  We install telecoms infrastructure that connects homes and business to fast speed internet. Our service allows customers to experience the power of fast internet, access WiFi, game online and stream videos. Openserve is South Africa’s largest telecoms provider and they are our blue-chip client.

YS Connect is a member of the FTTX Council. Our client list includes investors, governments, quasi-state organizations and entrepreneurs involved in a range of project and investment initiatives globally.


  • YS Connect will facilitate stakeholder liaison and manage your contract’s reputation on your behalf.

  • Most projects will overpromise and under deliver – we minimize the gap between your targeted and actual completion timelines for FTTX and fixed line installations.

  • Your services will never be unavailable again: as your stakeholder management team, we manage and facilitate all queries and installation snags.

  • We conduct internal and external communication and follow-up on your behalf. Imagine your office never shutting down!

  • We conduct scenario planning and forecasting to identify project risks.


DL5 Connect is a subsidiary company to YS Connect and is created to provide 5G connectivity services in the Continent.

can send billions of bits of data per second, this means your movie download time is reduced down to seconds. Think fully autonomous cars, home gadgets,  industrial equipment to exchange short bursts of mega-data at lightening speed.

5G will require a dense network of transmitters. DL5 Connect is gearing for 5G. The company is 100% black owned, 50% black female owned and well capacitated and skilled in strategic partnerships, (for the South African empowerment context), transfer of skills and excellent implementation ethics.

We make the perfect partnership options for  procurement empowerment criteria.

​We are a member of the FTTX Council.



We place emphasis on development of a contemporary, multi-disciplinary team actively engaged internally and externally with clients and stakeholders to ensure innovation and best practices within our field.

Our project portfolio emphasizes infrastructure management with a focus on telecommunications.


Strategic Service Design Model:

  • Business and Project Planning and Management

YSC uses a service methodology based on an input and output model. Our clients define the ideal outputs and we design inputs customized to ensure the deliverables are achieved. We aim to achieve the highest potential value from our client partnerships and thus consider this preliminary step critical to understanding performance and project indicators and ultimately achieving timely and profitable completion.

While YSC value-based inputs are needed, local business practices and culture, skills transfer and market knowledge is no less important to successful project delivery.

Our management experience and approach draws on both quantitative and qualitative modeling and tracks progress through KPIs, benchmarking, project dashboards, personnel performance measurement and budgeting. The combination of these aspects creates the data basis to assess efficiency and influence return optimization. Our team members utilize a range of experience in financial modeling, life-cycle cost modeling, sustainability metrics, business structuring and restructuring, cost reduction and resource allocation strategies and marketing to ensure an ideal operational and execution model.

Financial aspects of our service are drawn from experienced members of our growing team with a combination of infrastructure management and finance expertise.